Friday, 8 February 2013

It's all Susan's fault...

Susan and I have been talking crochet this week. Actually, she's been talking, and showing me pictures of some of the fabulous crochet creations she's been working on (she's CorkyPomPom on Ravelry - go check it out...). She's in progress on a new blanket, which got me to thinking about my Pop blanket squares. I have 59 of them, but I don't love all the colours of them. (It's Noro - there's always a few muddy shades....) So we tossed ideas around about how to turn these squares into a blanket before I lose ALL interest in the project. (we're getting close to that stage, I haven't made a square in a couple of months). Susan's been going on about granny squares, and I think I've caught the bug. But instead of starting from scratch, I wondered (in an email to her), if I could start with my already knitted squares. We tossed ideas back and forth.
You gotta love have a sounding board, because this is what I ended up with.

(She also told me about joining the squares as I go). The colours are somewhere in between these two - a little more saturated, and the green circle is closer to an emerald green.

I'm in love with this! I may actually finish a blanket in this lifetime!
(I have 59 squares - I may get a blanket and a baby blanket out of this...)


  1. I think they are fantastic! Yay for the humble granny square, it never gets old! It will be a spectacular, colour-saturated blanket. Just picture it covering your whole bed - how gorgeous.

  2. All I see is gorgeousness. You and Nicki should start a club. Blankets by square.