Monday, 25 February 2013

I got incredibly lucky...

I won a contest on Cheryl's blog. She offered up any number of gorgeous knitted items, but then remembered how much I liked her pottery, so she offered me a piece of that. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How lucky could I get? As much as I love other people's knits, a piece of handmade pottery is so special.
She showed me some pieces she had, and I fell in love with a bowl. I love the pure simplicity of the shape, and the lovely glaze, and the next thing I knew, this wonderful bowl was leaving it's birthplace of Sunny Southern California to take up residence in Canada. In February.

Lucky Bowl. Well, I'm not sure the bowl feels lucky, but I sure do. I introduced the bowl to it's new home in a truly Canadian way - during a light snow.

It's real home will be in my dining room or living room, both of which have dark green walls.

(Colours are SO off here - overcast days, unnatural light and green walls that refuse to be photographed true to life.)

I see it overflowing with pale pink peony blooms from my garden, come spring...


  1. I'm a sucker for pottery bowls also.

  2. I love hand potted items too. That one is lovely.

  3. I'm so glad you like it. It looks so pretty in the snow. It's going to look great filled with flowers. I'm so happy it found a great home! Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous bowl!
    (I cannot believe how lucky you are - again!!!!!)

  5. Hello, I'm a new follower. I too love pottery and this is a gorgeous bowl ... beautiful glaze ... lucky you indeed! Have a great week :) Wendy