Wednesday, 16 January 2013

sewing stuff

I'm not sure why winter always brings about a need in me to sew. Maybe it's because so many fabrics go on sale right after Christmas, and since I have no will power, I end up buying them.

The clearance section at Fabricland can be hit or miss. Sometimes, it seems I can't find anything - it's all too synthetic-y, or not my colours, or honestly, just plain ugly. This time around, I scored huge! Each of the following 4 fabrics were in the clearance, at $3.00 per metre! At three metres for each cut, a mere $9.00 (plus my time, I know...) makes a top with extra fabric left over.

This is a rayon/cotton blend, with a beautiful hand. It's an abstract floral-y print in tones of black and grey. I originally thought this would be a muslin of a new pattern, but it's turning out quite nice, so will probably end up wearable. It still have sleeves to make, and opinions to gather on whether this over part is too much. so far I think I like it - it's not gathered, so it's not too frilly, and I think the length gives it some depth. I have come to the realization that I don't need multitudes of patterns - I know the silhouette that works for me, and I'd rather get interest from fabrics rather than try too many new patterns to see if I like them. 50 years old, sewing for over 40 of them and I FINALLY get it...
***Note - since writing this, I've finished this top, and well, it's a loss. I mean, it's not BAD, but the neckline is actually too fussy for me. I do like the fit of the top itself, so that's good, but the ruffle-thing has got to go. Back to my TNT (Tried n' True patterns...***
 This next one is a silk/poly blend. (I know! $3/metre for a silk blend! Score!) Again - probably destined to be a tunic style top, or perhaps a simple shift dress. Have you seen Indygo Junctions patterns? I'm in love with the London Jacket and the Mod Top and Tunic - this might be perfect for this fabric.
Another rayon cotton print in an abstract floral. Again - a simple top - perfect for summer with capris or shorts.
A 100% cotton. This was quite stiff,and I wondered if it was full of sizing, and would droop into limpness after a wash. When you pay $3/metre for things, you take a chance this will happen - I've had it happen before. Not this time - it did lose a fair bit of stiffness, but it kept a nice hand - again, perfect for a tunic. It will look great with jeans and my new brown riding boots.
this next one is a bit of a crap shoot. A fully sequined knit. I know. sequins. lots of them. for me, a jeans and hoodie girl. But it was on deep discount (not clearance), and I figured a metre would do whatever I wanted out of it. Well, when she went to cut it, there was already a cut piece. She looked at it, said "close enough to a metre" and charged me only that. Well. It was actually TWO metres! Still, what I'm going to do with two metres of fully sequined fabric - I'm thinking a very plain, pencil type skirt for next year's holiday season. I actually have enough to make a full length (or mid calf) one as well as a knee length. This should be fun to watch...
Then, since the Christmas fabrics were all discounted, I got 3 metres of this. Not sure what it will become - probably napkins. There's a nice lime green in it that will match my Christmas tablecloths perfectly, and that will give me a couple of napkin choices for Christmas.
Think I'd better spend some quality time with my sewing machine...


  1. The cotton fabric has a very Amy Butler-esque print to it. I like them all!

  2. I think the green sequin skirt will be cute.

  3. Great minds think alike. The greenish one above the sequined one is the fabric I used for my dress that I wore to my niece's wedding in New Orleans. Paid lots more than $3 per though. Lucky you.

  4. You're scored big! What a deal and the fabrics are all so pretty! The black and white top is really pretty. But, I understand what you mean about the frilly-ruffle-thing. I've tried on a lot of tops with things like that and even though I love the look on the hanger, the ruffly thing seems weird when I have it on. Happy sewing!