Thursday, 10 January 2013

new cowl

Okay, I get that Blogger WILL let you upload picutres, but only in the HTML mode, which is a paina nd takes longer, and limits the number of pictures, but at least I can upload! And once the pictures are there, I can switch to compose mode and work with them that way. But, it's a pain, and I hope BLogger will fix the bug soon...
Some of the knitting I did over the holidays was this cowl - very simple, its' the Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf, and it's a free download. Of course, mine is very different from the pattern - the original is worsted weight, and calls for 6.5mm needles - I used sock (fingering) weight and a 3.75mm needle. So, to get the doubled effect, I added 50 stitches.
I used a stash skein of HPKY Donegal yarn int he FOREST colourway. It seemed slightly thicker and tweedier than I would normally go for in a sock yarn, but seemed perfect for this project.
And I was right. It IS perfect for this project. I basically kept knitting until it looked like I would run out of wool, and it gave me the perfect size.
I blocked it pretty severely - I wasn't sure 50 stitches were enough extra to make it long enough. Turns out I didn't have to stretch it so far - there's plenty of room. I may re-block it to resize it, but knowing me, I probably won't. It fits great as is.
Using free patterns can be a bit of a crap-shoot - you really do get what you pay for sometimes, but I can recommend this pattern - easy chart to memorize and knit, and easily adaptable to any yarn weight. I have some lovely black raw silk that I may use next...


  1. Very pretty.

    I found if I copy the text of the photo, by changing the photo name I can add more. But then my photos are on a local server.

  2. Pretty! I really want to make more cowls, but keep getting sidetracked!
    I don't know how to do the html thing, but I learned how to post them if they're hosted in Flickr or Picasa. Can't decide which system better suits my needs; I'm thinking Flickr but Picasa is handy with my phone and some Facebook-free family that is on Google+

  3. I'm so impatient, LOL. I decided to give the html option a try. The upload pictures windows that came up were just like the old blogger format. It was pretty quick to do three pictures, although I had to go back to the folder and do them individually, it would be nice to use Crtl and select multiple pictures. It also let me know I'm using 13% of my limit, which is odd, because last year I had been over 50%. While looking around Blogger's help department about the picture loading issue, I found that many bloggers were getting the picture limit notice at the end of Nov. when they weren't actually at their limit. Maybe that was your issue? Anyway, by storing the pictures on Flickr (or Picasa, I think), it's not applied to your limit.

  4. I agree about the price of patterns. The free ones are sometimes worth exactly what you pay for them. For what it's worth, I store my pics in Picasa and have no issues. That surprises even me.