Monday, 14 January 2013

Living up to it's name

I seemed to be on a cowl kick over the holidays. Not only did I make the Lacey Arches one, I felt the need to knit another Pretty Thing.
I bought this pattern from Steph years ago, and have made it a few times. Then I saw Needles making one, and it said to me "you have that pattern. bet you even have wool that will work. Make one NOW".
When your inner voice starts using the capital letters NOW, I find it's just easier to listen...
So I printed off the pattern, and went for a stash dive. Now I know why the inner voice was yelling at me - it had somehow convinced the stash to barf up a few  balls of an ancient Elann Baby Alpaca Silk I had completely forgotten about. Why these three balls were suddenly sitting on the top of a stash pile when I hadn't seen them in months (cough years cough) was beyond me. But it was perfect. A deep, muted dark green, one of my favourite colours.
I made a couple of adjustments - I added a repeat to the width, and one to the length as well. And even with these additions, I still have enough of the alpaca silk to make another one. I may have to - I originally thought about giving this as a gift, but you know what? I'm keeping it.
I probably didn't have to add a repeat to the length, but I kind of like the fact it folds over a bit.


  1. PLT looks very nice. And sometimes it's good to keep our stuff.

  2. Looks good on you. Love those quick projects.

  3. Interesting how your yarn just showed up...I guess this is what it wanted to be. ;-) Your new cowl is very pretty.

  4. It looks great! I like that pattern.

  5. I know that I am going to knit it again too. What a great pattern.

  6. You should keep it for sure. It is lovely.