Friday, 25 January 2013

good for other uses...

You know I make a lot of project bags. And while they are great for knitting projects, they have other uses as well. My son was going to a birthday party, and I wanted to wrap the ubiquitous gift cards a little differently than just tucking them into a card. I had this great orange batik with a turtle print, and thought it would be perfect.
Then, to really make it special, I used the lettering function on my sewing machine to add the birthday girl's name on a strip of co-ordinating fabric that I sewed on before constructing the bag.
It went over pretty well, from what my son told me. Of course, this really only works for girls - I'm not sure a guy would find this too useful or fun... Luckily, I get to indulge me creative side occasionally - while the boy goes mostly to guy birthdays (paintball is a favourite destination...), there are a few girl friends that include some of the guys.
And I've been told that the other girls at the party went bat-crap crazy over Victoria's gift bag. The boy thinks I might have to make more of them for the other girls. (and knowing how girls talk - even ones that weren't at the party are probably in the know by now...)


  1. Love it! Especially the batik turtles!

  2. Great idea! It's cute and so useful. And, so much better than wrapping paper and boxes that only get used once.

  3. Very cute!!

    Question for you: do you have a serger? If so, what kind? I started looking, and it is very overwhelming.