Friday, 11 January 2013

combining sewing and knitting

One of the nice things about being a knitter who sews, is that I can make my own project bags, and size them as I like them, as well as using the fabrics that I want.
I made a bunch of bags before Christmas - Linda, Nancy and I were getting together for a little Christmassy knit night at Linda's, and I thought these would make a nice little gift. Unfortunately, our knit night didn't happen, as Linda's mom had a bit of a health crisis, and Linda obviously had other things on her mind than hosting Nancy and I! The good news is that Linda's Mom is on the road to recovery - it won't be an easy road, and it's tough on Linda, but at least steps are being taken. The other good news, is I got to see both of my friends at a recent Guild meeting, so I was able to gift them with a couple of project bags each!
Lets face it - I need these women to take good care of their stashes. We all have a reciprocal agreement that if anything happens to us, the other two get the stash! (Although mine also goes to Susan - my poor husband will have lots of phone calls to make if anything happens to me...)
Most of my project bag fabrics come from either remnants of my sewing projects (after cutting out a pattern, I always check the remnants and cut out rectangles of a good enough size for bags.)
I also get off cuts from the Quilt Store when I go for Knit Night. They have all these baskets scattered about the store - with remnant cuts of gorgeous quilting fabrics at ridiculously low prices. I never seem to get out of that store without at least 2 or 3 packs...
Here are some of them cut up and ready to sew into bags - a cute asparagus print (I already have a couple of pomegranate ones, why not asparagus?), some fantastic batiks, a check and a daisy print.
The bags take so little time to make, and are so useful. Lots of these will be give aways coming up. I promised more giveaways through December, and that didn't pan out, so I'll have to make it up to you!


  1. I take my will very seriously! My yarn and craft stash is a major asset, which must be distributed with care and it is spelled out as such. Witnessed and everything. :)

    Cute fabrics. You can't go wrong with asparagus.

  2. My bags have already been pressed into service. I love them - thanks!

  3. Project bags are useful for so many things...especially yarn and projects. They're also fun to make. And...Oh my gosh....those fabrics are SO gorgeous! Especially the ones with flowers. I'm going to keep an eye out for some like it. Happy sewing! Have a great weekend!

  4. Any chance of you doing a basic tutorial of how you make them?! I can do basic bags, but I always love to see what others do so I can tweak my technique!