Friday, 18 January 2013

best kind of gift

We have these friends - the kids are friends from way back, and have been on the same baseball team for seasons. Through that, the parents have become friends as well. (it usually happens that way - the kids spend that much time together, we paretns spend hours together sitting on bleachers, and there is constant back and forth of parents picking up and dropping off.) We get together for dinner and/or cards once in a while. There have been socks given to the dad (I did it because he's a nice guy, and they are very generous with our son). Of course, I told him that he only got socks because he whined so much during baseball season about wanting them...
One day over the Christmas holidays, I went to pick up my son from their house, and as we were leaving, the Dad gave me this bag and said "Merry Christmas, thanks for all you do". (We are pretty generous with their son as well...)
When I got home and opened it, I was thrilled to see this!
Wool! Gorgeous sock wool! When I texted my thanks, I jokingly asked if it was consciously a male colourway and a female colourway - i.e. were they hinting for some socks? Both came back right away with NO! This wool is for you!!
Would you believe, that other than from my husband and son, (and other specifically knitter friends like Nancy or Susan) this is the FIRST TIME someone has given me wool as a gift? (I'm not counting my SIL who gave me ball of Frill Seeker, then asked for a scarf in it. That was a job, not a gift...)
In all my years knitting, and with my extended family, no one has given me wool. When asked for gift suggestions, I always say wool, but they always say "oh, but you already have so much of it!" and buy me lavender lotion (I hate the scent of lavender...)
These people GET me... (and while he already has socks, she is SO getting a beautiful shawl of some sort... she's a scarfy type lady...)