Wednesday, 23 January 2013

back to an old favourite

Once I got all the thrum stuff done for my workshop, I went back to a project that;s been lingering. My Navy laceweight cardigan.
This was the cardigan where I used the contiguous sleeve method. It's been sitting in a project bag for a while, and when I was in Kitchener I found what was holding me up - beads. This is so lightweight, I decided that I would add some beads to give it some bottom weight.
I found the perfect navy beads in Kitchener back in September, but it still took until now to do anything with them. My plan is a random placement of beads, getting more dense as I get closer to the hem. I'm loving the Tanis Fibre Arts laceweight for this, and the beads are perfect. The fit is good so far (It's always hard to tell when you make up the pattern as you go along). I think I will also bead along the button band and sleeve hems. I'll decide that when I get to them...
Either way, it's nice to get back to a project!


  1. Great idea for light weight lace weight. Should keep it from riding up in the back.

  2. I love that idea. Kind of a Hanami Stole sort of random? Perfect.

  3. Your sweater will be awesome when done!