Monday, 17 December 2012

You guys know how to make my day!

I'm a sucker for the handwritten note. Even in this day of technology (and don't get me wrong - I LOOOOOVEEEEE tech!), a handwritten note, stamped and mailed, gets me every time.
And lately, I've been lucky enough to receive TWO!

One was from Marie - thanking me for the pajama pants she won - I was worried - fitting to someone you've never met is a little nerve wracking - but she gave me excellent measurements, because she says they fit perfectly. I'm so relieved and happy about that!

and I got one from Robyn - I had sent her kids some Montreal Canadiens earbuds - we had them hanging around the office, and I knew they were rabid fans, so it seemed fitting.
Want to see what will really put me over the edge?

not just a hand written note, but one written by KIDS!

I was verklempt! I've always had my son write his thank you notes, but last year, we went electronic - he's 13 after all - emails and texts rule...
To get this from Sean and Mack, well, it restores my faith that the written word will never die. (I'm okay mentioning her kids names - she posts them)

Thanks Ladies! Way to make my day!


  1. You're too cute. Thank you again for the habs earphones!! They're awesome. Now we just need hockey back. I love Mack's backwards Z... he's too cute. He's been working on his letters. Sean's learned small & cap letters now that he's in K, and loves writing it with a cap S and the rest small. Mack's only learned Cap letters so far (easier, I think).

    I feel also that letter mail is dying, and I love love love getting letter mail, which is rare these days. So that's why I took the time to have the kids write you a REAL thank you! Email is 'cheap' compared!

    Have a great week!!!

  2. Thank you notes go a l o n g way.