Thursday, 20 December 2012

festive, yet comfortable

On Christmas, I like to be comfortable, yet still a bit festive. Nothing over the top, but something beyond my usual hoodie. I've made this top before in summer weight cottons, and love it so much, I thought I'd try it in this taffeta. I didn't pay much for it (under $30), so if it didn't work, it wasn't a major loss.
Well, taffeta for the win!

(And not just taffeta, but taffeta with sewn on polka dots!)

Love. It. Just enough sheen and interest for the festive part, yet the pullover comfort style I love. I changed it up a bit fro the pattern, making the hem curved on this, rather than straight. I love it. The sleeves are 3/4 length which is my favourite, especially since I will be messing about in the kitchen, and there's nothing worse than sleeves getting in the way.

One would think I'd leave well enough alone and be good with it. But I have this other cut of taffeta...

And it's green, with some sequins... and wouldn't it be perfect? The fabric is too busy for anything beyond a simple silhouette...

Really, I'm sure I can carve out a couple of hours this weekend for this...


  1. OK I am ready for my daily, post- Sandra's- blog- reading nap. Where do you get those 36 hour days.

  2. Of course you do...and so do I!

  3. A couple of hours? You'll have your shirt done and cookies baked at the same time. =^.^=