Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas means pajamas

Three new pairs. (actually 5, but two aren't here). The birds are of course for Sel & Poivre - she won and chose the wintery "kinda-mad" birds fabric. Then the polar bears are for a nephew who doesn't like the hand knit hats that the rest of the kids are getting. He does like the pajama pants, and he likes polar bears, so it's a win-win. Then the Christmassy flannel are for me (because I loved the fabric!)
There is another pair of wintery "kinda-mad" birds for a friend, and a pair in a fabulous pink golf print - perfect for her as she loves pink and loves to play golf. I swear if I ever found fabric with a curling print, I'd have to buy the whole bolt.
Wait a minute - there is another pair, in a great black Labrador dog print. (so that's six pairs... Okay, even I'm starting to see how annoying I must seem. I just have a lot of spare time, I guess...) But they are wrapped and ready for tonight - dinner with my best friend and her husband and two dogs. She gets the pajamas, as well as two large sofa pillows in a lab print as well. Perfect for her cottage. This was the first time I've ordered fabric online and I learned a couple of things - it took over FIVE WEEKS for it to arrive. Seriously. And I'm not talking about from the time of order, I'm talking about from the time I received notice that it shipped. FIVE WEEKS. That's ridiculous. I ordered 4 other things online after the fabric and received all of them before the fabric. Also, I can make regular pj pants out of about 2.4 metres of fabric. I forgot there is a difference between metres and yards, and also, the people at Fabricland are usually pretty generous - when I order 2 metres, I get about 2.4 metres, so I've gotten used to ordering 2 metres. Of course when I ordered 2 units from a US-based company, I got 2 yards. And really - barely 2 yards. So she is getting capri length pajama pants. I'm pretty annoyed at myself for that.
I'm making up for it with a great bottle of wine and a homemade cheesecake and homemade caramel and raspberry sauces for it. Seriously, you have to try caramel and raspberry together - delicious...


  1. I'll try the caramel and raspberry cheesecake. I'm suppose to make one for the 20th.

  2. I want you to come to my Christmas parties. You are generous beyond belief!

  3. Oh wow, that's a lot of sewing.

    Mmmm cheesecake - my weakness!!!

    And wine! You had me!!