Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Knits part one

I do a lot of Christmas knitting. The majority of it is very well received, and in most cases, eagerly anticipated. How can a knitter not enjoy that?
The very small minority that doesn't ask for knitted goods is always a crapshoot? Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they avoid me for the foreseeable future in case I try to foist more knitted goods on them?
(As a side note - avoiding me is tough - the ones that don't always love the knitting are relatives, and therefore required by parental pressure to at least smile at me...)
The crapshoots will come from this pile:

the hats. Nine of them, actually. Most will be very well received, but there are two that are iffy. There's a blue and yellow one near the top left, and the red and white at the bottom. Both for nephews (on the husband's side of the family), and both are school related. I took a chance, because both are thrilled with their new school situations - the blue and yellow is a new high school student, who got into the Performing Arts school in Brampton that he wanted, while the red and white is for my nephew that is away from home for the first time at Fanshawe College, and LOVING it. (I won't comment on whether the thrill is from the classes or the independence...)
This next pile is pretty much all a win:

scarves and shawls. (the double blue one missed the group shot...) IN the group - there are a couple of woven scarves that have no designated recipient yet, two Suncrests - both spoken for, a Wingspan for my Mom and two beaded infinity scarves, both tentatively taken. The double blue, as mentioned before is for my cottage neighbour - the rest of her family is getting hats from the above pile. I love this family - and they are high on the "get knits" list. Appreciative, and just great people.
The next is a win.
It's a knit that I completed a while ago, and was never sure of keeping it for myself or gifting it. It's Elizabeth's ZImmermans Green Sweater, but of course, as I knit it in red, it was dubbed The Red Green Sweater (by Brenda), an inside joke that I believe only Canadians will get:
("if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!")
I finally realized that it is perfect for my MIL - her style, her perfect colour. So instead of sitting unworn in my closet, it goes to hers. (And hopefully gets worn more than stored.)
There's more Christmas knitting - next up, the socks!


  1. When my husband first started watching the Red Green show I thought it was really stupid, but it grew on me!! Now I love it too!

    Lovely knitting!

  2. Every man's secret weapon: Duct Tape!

  3. HA! Not just Canadian's know about Red Green! Those of us in the US that watch PBS know of the disatrous antics of Red and his nephew and cast of characters! Anytime our kids leave to go back to VT (where they now live after graduating from Colleges in New England)Husband tells them "Keep your Stick on the Ice!"
    I enjoy reading your blog(s)and seeing your knitting. We spend our summer holiday in Northern Quebec and have done so for 40 years (DH even more!). Canada is a great country! Please keep inspiring with your knitting!

  4. Bring back Super Dave Osborne and Fuji!

    Love these hats. I think each will be a smash hit. There cannot be enough colourwork wool hats where winter resides.

  5. Wow, what an Xmas knitting pile! Did you start knitting it all in January? lol... How long does it take you to do your Xmas knitting?

  6. You make me believe that one day, I too, will think far ahead enough to do this.

  7. it can't be a Red Green sweater, there's no duct tape!