Tuesday, 4 December 2012

best. tweet. ever.

I'm not on Twitter, but I read a few feeds, including @That RachelH. I've met Rachel a few times, and consider her a friend. (she usually accompanies Stephanie when Steph visits our Guild and my house). She's subtly hilarious, and this tweet proves it.

Rachel Harvey@ThatRachelH
That thing where people look slightly unnerved when you're knitting but maintaining eye contact with them? Never gets old.
She nailed it. I freak out more people doing this. Even (to this day), members of my own family. Certainly other parents when I'm at the Boy's activities. Especially during his basketball games, when I can cheer the kids on by name, and by what play they are making (that's just the experience of years of coaching and playing myself...), and never drop a stitch!
Of course, I knit plain vanilla stockinette socks in the round - very hard to mess up...


  1. It's quite the feeling when you realize, you can knit without watching!

  2. That's awesome. I watch tv all the time and don't need to look at my knitting. It's great. People look at you like "how are you doing that?"

  3. I recall the first time I realized that I was typing without looking at the keys. It was cool, but being able to do it in knitting is much, much cooler.