Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Because the knitting freaks them out a bit...

As I've mentioned, we are hosting the husband's family for Christmas. that means, including us and my Mom, there's a minimum of 14, but we could be upwards of 20. Since we've been married for 20 years, and together for 7 before that, you'd think they'd be used to all the knitting by now. Not so much, it seems. Most of them are still surprised to see me knitting, (Really??) and when they come here, and see it all over (along with the sewing...) it still gives them the eyebrow-raising look.
So to make sure we are at maximum uncomfortable-ness, I've added to the repertoire. (Plus, I needed a new tree topper).
I found a star pattern, and then franken-sized it. (The original calls for fingering weight on 3mm needles, I used 2 strands of Cascade Eco-Wool, and 10mm needles). I also ran a strand of sparkly sequined stuff, because it seemed like the right thing to do. I started it at Knit Night (I actually started it twice, but we won't get into my inability to count...), and I finished it the next morning.

Seriously, it's that easy and fast. I'm going to make a bunch of regular sized ones eventually - my next goal is to have the tree completely handknit. I have 2 years before we get the family back for Christmas - I can do it...)
As you can see, I also needed something to stick on the tree top - toilet paper roll to the rescue! I punched holes around the top, and sewed it to the star bottom.
 I also tried to show the sparkle from the sequins with my star filter, but I don't think it worked. You'll have to trust me that it really does sparkle!
At first, as you can see, I just wrapped the roll with yarn. It worked and was okay, but then I got the idea of knitting a cover for the tube. Considering it's only 16 stitches wide and not many more rows, it didn't take long. And I think it's much better. The star is about 8 inches across, and about 3 inches in depth (it's two sided, with batting stuffed inside). The best part is it used very little wool and sparkle stuff. I have enough to make a few more, and I just might.

I can't wait to see the reaction...


  1. My reaction is to salute you. No wait! I'll go get the red wine. I toast you. So well done, knitterly style!

  2. LOVE the star - and the knitted cover is much better. Good choice!

  3. Love the star! Our current star was made by me, 40 years ago, our first Christmas together as a married couple. It is constructed of macaroni and gold paint and our kids go into gales of laughter everytime it appears. Never found anything I wanted to replace it with until now. So thanks!


  4. Great star! And, I love the idea of a tree decorating in knitted things. I'm aiming to someday have multiple trees and each one will have a different theme. I'm definitely adding a knitted one to my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh wow!!!! That's amazing! Really! I'll have to make one for our tree for next year.

  6. It is a most good, glorious and righteous tree topper star. And I can see the sparkles! Just fantastic. Let us know what the extended family has to say about this!

  7. That's awesome. Now I hafta be a Lemming....