Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Because I can't leave well enough alone...

I saw this pattern for Christmas ornaments on Tanis's blog. It's called Balls Up! and it's a free download. I thought it was cute, but really thought it would be fiddly and a pain in the butt, so I didn't do much. Then I found it again, read through and thought (as I always do...) "bet I could chart out some names for a personalized ornament". Seems I could (and now it seems I've charted the names of most of the population of North America. Okay, maybe just me immediate friends and family, but it seems like a LOT.), and I decided to knit one up for the very new (and much adored) first grandson of a great co-worker. So I did. And, well it took me not much time. at all. So then I dug around my stash of fingering weight (remember all the hats I made this year? (and last?) I have a LOT of colours. Plus, I found a ball of sparkly silver grey wool left over from a sweater. That would look great with my boss's scarf. And I adore his wife, so she can't be left out.

So it seems I'm knitting ornaments. I've had to force myself back to the sock heels - I only have three more heels to do! - because all I want to knit are ornaments!

Won't these make great gift tags?

I mean, these are so freaking cute and so easy and quick! I made a slight change from the pattern - I used 3mm needles, because the polystyrene balls I had were just slightly larger than the ones recommended. I don't think it mattered - these stretch pretty well. If you are a tight knitter (cough, Nancy, cough...) you may want to either add a couple of stitches, or go up another needle size.
I've got to have at least three more done before the 25th - One of each our names for the tree - you know, just to REALLY up the ante with the in-laws... Good thing that I'm almost done my gift knitting.

I want to make them for the nieces and nephews, some frienss, my Mom, then of course a whole tree full of fair isle ones...


  1. Its a darn good thing you wrote this now that there is absolutely no time for me to do them for this year. Because otherwise I would be seized with a compulsion...