Thursday, 29 November 2012

we're live!

Finally, we're live here at Curlerchik 2.0! (I was really waiting for Marie at Sel & Poivre to find out she won the pajama pants - she has, and has sent her measurements, etc.) Guess I'd better start sewing!
Let me know you've found me here - I'll start posting for real soon. I have lots of pictures to share - I've been sewing and knitting up a storm lately - it's that Christmas thing, I guess. Plus, they are my stress releases, and work has been stressful lately. Nothing that can't be handled, but still. Add on to that the very real possibility of an Elementary School teacher strike, and the stress increases. My son is in Grade Eight - a crappy year for teachers to go Work-to-Rule or on strike. He'll lose out on all the extra curricular stuff like sports teams and band and peer mentoring that he does. I get what the teachers are saying, but after talking to so many of the teachers at the kid's school - they don't want this. They just want to be treated fairly.
Anyhoo, not political stuff here - I'll be back shortly witht he knitting and sewing, both with a heavy CHristmas influence!


  1. Thanks for the link. Found you, and added this site to my RSS feed.

    A. Lurker

  2. I found you and I'm following this new blog. :-)

  3. Love the green header, and the "happiness" picture.
    But 7 years???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy guacamole, batman, that's a long time!

  4. Knock, knock, ouuuuuuu. I'm liking the new digs!

  5. looks great, and you are officially in the right place in my favorites list !!

  6. I'm baaaack! (do you feel like someone or many are following you?) :)

  7. Added you to my Google Reader with your new blog!

    Wow, a strike? Really? :(