Friday, 30 November 2012

ready for the holiday parties

If you know me in real life, you know I am happiest in yoga pants or jeans, and a hoodie, along with my beloved flip flops. But, because I have to act like a big girl at times, (work, social requirements...), I do have a wardrobe of big girl clothes (and an obscene collection of ridiculously high heeled, sometimes sparkly, dress shoes and sandals. No, I can't explain it.)
We have a few holiday parties to attend this year, and my husband has already told me a hoodie and jeans won't cut it. Fine. Fabricland had a members sale a little while ago, and I know a metre (or so) of fabric is more than enough for a skirt for me, so I went looking for fabulous fabrics. And found them. Each of these skirts cost me less than $15 in materials, and I can whip up a pencil skirt in under 2 hours, so this was a win all around.

First up - Taffeta. 2 types, actually.

On the left, a green taffeta, with black velvet flocking. I know, flocking. But it's really nice! (Nancy can attest to that - I gave her a gift bag made out of the remnants.) The flocking is more like a velvet line drawing, and really adds to the taffeta.
On the right - maroon taffeta, shot with black, with the roses and vines sewn on in a 3D type look. Really nice in person.
(And yes, there are remnants that will become gift bags). I usually don't go for added "bulk" in fabrics - my ass is big enough without anything added to it, but this is somewhat subtle, and really looks nice. Both of these skirts will work great with a black ruffled tank style tunic and black silk cardigan I have. (The colour is truer in the top photo of the two skirts)

Second - Chinese Brocade.

My new favourite skirt. I LOVE this stuff! I'm a little peeved that I only got the one length, but then, how many brocade skirts does one really need? (Don't answer that - I'm probably going back for more soon...)

While I do have it paired with a blouse I made, This too will look great with black. The blouse is Vogue 1247, and has a number of bias panels in it, and wears well, but if I make it again, I'd change a few things. 1. Raise the neckline. This is VERY low cut, and not appropriate for work related functions. 2. Lengthen the hem. This will be tricky due to the construction of the front. I may simply use the back piece, and modify it for a similar front piece. In a spectacular fabric, I much prefer a simple outline, and I have some other taffeta cuts that would be great in a simple overblouse silhouette.

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't sewing pajama pants - Ill show those soon! Plus I've been knitting - all the socks I've made over the year need heels - so that's my knitting for the next little while.


  1. Love those fabrics. And you are an excellent sewer, so these will be spectacular outfits. Looking forward to seeing the finished results!

  2. When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

  3. The green taffeta with the black velvet is gorgeous - and so are my bags!!!
    Thanks Sandra!!!

  4. The fabrics are fantastic. As to the low neckline a tiny small insert, something lacy and black or perhaps a silvery little knit something? Or an ordinary camisole ought to take care of it.

  5. Followed you:) Lovely fabrics!

  6. The fabrics are lovely! About 5 years ago I made a dress with burgundy taffeta with flocked flowers, just like your green fabric! (the flowers were a deeper burgundy). It seemed to be in the home dec section, but I didn't know enough about fabric back then to know, or even care, LOL. I LOVED the material, but didn't know I needed a FBA. For some odd reason I didn't keep any of the scraps, though I know there wasn't much, it would be nice to just have a little since I can't wear the dress anymore! I also think a little black lace at the neck would "fix" that lovely top!